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What we do at Qommunicate

Qommunicate is an established workforce development company specialising in providing a fully tailored learner journey for all individuals, starting at pre-employment training, developing into fully skilled and sustainable workforce.

Our Programmes

Our programmes are funded through the Skills Funding Agency and our relationships with numerous college partners throughout the UK. We are recognised by our academic partners and our customers as a provider of choice. So, whether you are looking to recruit new staff or upskill your current workforce, Qommunicate will create a bespoke programme for your organisation.

Pre-employment Training

Supply a Pre screened and trained workforce ready from day 1

Workforce Development

Supporting organisations to develop a competitive workforce

Lean Programmes

Engaging our client’s workforce in real continuous improvement

Vendor Management

Vendor Management for workforce training solutions

Qommunicate training adds value

Qommunicate adds value to our clients business by using a combination of motivational training, complemented by expert knowledge, we offer a candidate attraction strategy tailored to specific requirements.

Quality service delivery

Increase customer retention

Cost saving

Decrease current recruitment spend

Flexible processes

Flexibility to work alongside internal recruitment processes

High volume recruitment

Reach the widest pool of employees available

Innovative tailored Solution

High performance solution tailored to each companies requirements

Why Partner with Qommunicate?

Our product is not just simple training and CV writing. It’s what we do before and after the placement that really sets us aside from our competition. Qommunicate focus exclusively on training and development of individuals. We don’t do anything else as we don’t want to dilute our value to the customers we service. The benefits to clients and candidates are clear; we’re talking your language, your language only and our reach for you is vast.

Cost effective

Qommunicate offers its service at zero cost

UK Wide Proactive Recruitment Service

Service is available throughout the UK and can be set up at short notice

A Managed Training & Recruitment Service

Qommunicate manages the entire recruitment lifecycle

Highly Skilled and Motivated Workforce

Qommunicate trainees are willing to make a difference

“We have been successful because of the support we have received from our partners at a local, regional & national level. The partner relationships we have built have helped us fulfill our goal of providing companies with skilled employees who are able to adapt in an increasingly competitive environment. Our training programs would be incomplete without the co-operation of our partners, our strategic partners and our stakeholders. We believe that working closely with our Government partners will ensure the delivery of a seamless collaborative service.”

Marc Schroder, Qommunicate

Our customers’ journey

Transforming the Recruitment and Training Sector is what drives us. Since we first started trading in 2010, Qommunicate transforms business performance by sourcing the best possible people in the market, building their skills sets and changing their beliefs. Our model delivers a new to identify talent – one that reduces recruitment spend and makes talent accessible to anyone.

What makes us different?

By leveraging government funded programs, harnessing social media and using proven training expertise we are driving by identifying new ways to exceed our clients expectations. Its what differentiate us. And by ensuring that every client receives a personal service – one that is entirely bespoke to them and achieves the results they are seeking – we are quickly becoming the chosen brand that’s synonymous with delivering quality tailored solutions for businesses of all seizes.

Unlike other providers

Unlike most providers, Qommunicate works with employers to create a zero cost recruitment and training solutions, which is unique to them and built around their people and their business needs. We are experts in employee engagement and specialise in developing training programmes that change attitude, build new skill-sets and transform the capability of employees.


71% of people we interview/screen start employment within 2 weeks


90% of individuals remain in employment for 4 weeks or more


We conduct over 600 telephone interviews per week


We trained over 1,100 individuals for employment last year

Meet our team

Our management team has over 80 years’ combined experience, which along with our in-depth knowledge and technical skills means we’re well placed to tackle any Welfare into Work challenge.

Our management team are dedicated professionals who individually target different areas within the Welfare into Work sector – and through this focus our team members truly know their market inside out.

All of our team receive comprehensive training followed by ongoing development – so you can be assured in knowing our specialists have the expertise and knowledge to find you the best candidate or employer in the shortest space of time.

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