Pre employment Training

Unique Manufacturing Workforce Services

Making things (manufacturing) and making things work (engineering) – that’s what our courses in this sector are all about.

Course Coverage

Naturally it’s an extremely broad field, so there’s a good general pre employment training course available that can be complemented with an apprenticeship at later stage. Some of the main manufacturing industries covered include textiles, food, furniture, glass, metals and printing. You could be doing anything from operating machines in a factory to working with hand tools in a workshop.

Supporting Courses

All of these industries (and others) require complex machinery that needs to be designed, built and maintained – which is what you’ll learn about on an engineering Apprenticeship. Engineers come in all shapes and sizes, specialising in particular areas, such as construction and electronics. One major part of engineering is the motor industry. After taking courses in this area, you might build cars, fix machines and rescue stranded motorists, or even become a trainer in this sector.. Depending on your employer, you could be working in a very specialised field, or learning a broader range of skills and techniques.


90% of our candidates retain employment with our placement companies. Nationally, we trained over 1100 people last year.

Core Features

Our product is not just simple training and CV writing. It’s what we do before and after the placement that really sets us aside from our competition. Qommunicate focus exclusively on training and development of individuals.

Confidence Building

Confidence/ motivation training.

Stress Management

Realistic learning structure

Support Tools

Personal CV writing services


Recognised qualifications for every candidate.


Fully qualified staff and assessors.

Presentation Training

Structured key workplace skills training

What our Clients say?

Assist Recruitment

Warren Bennett

“From our initial meeting with Qommunicate they have provided practical and useful solutions to our staffing requirements via their Welfare into Work resources, we appreciate the quick reaction time of the team when we increase our demand for additional labor at short notice, and the fact that someone is available resolve our recruitment needs when our competitors struggle to recruit.”

Transline Group

Paul Beasley

“Qommunicate has been invaluable in sourcing staff for Transline Group. The team is a pleasure to work with and has always given us a selection of serious labour pools for any given role. Unlike other Welfare to Work company they spend time screening and getting to know all their candidates so that we are only put in touch with those with the necessary skills and experience required; this saves us time and gives us the opportunity to recruit the best people.”

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